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Entry: January 2, 2011

I started working with Linda in 2008, six weeks after having my second son. At the time I was determined to lose the baby weight I had gained during pregnancy. That goal was achieved and exceeded in just six months.

My youngest son is now three, and I am working with Linda again. In the past two and a half years I've gained 13 pounds. Why? My priorities had changed as my boys were getting older, and my focus kept changing too. Although I kept up with my exercising, my diet wasn't as healthy as it should be. After working with Linda the first time I remember feeling more confident and healthier in my own skin, and I want to feel that again.

I definitely have some things going for me in this journey. For one thing I'm a planner! I plan my dinners for the week on Sunday, making sure they are healthy, time efficient, and something that my boys will eat too. I plan my workout sessions, changing them every eight weeks to keep my body guessing. In addition keeping a journal works for me — writing down the calories helps keep me on track.

My biggest trap is my diet, more specifically snacking in the afternoon and evening, and especially sweets. But this month of January I am really focusing on keeping myself out of the kitchen during the afternoon hours so I'm not snacking while waiting for my husband to get home from work. (I am a stay-at-home Mom.) I am also watching my sweets, limiting myself to just one treat a day, carefully planning what and when I will enjoy!

Best of luck to all of us on this journey of fitness and happiness and may 2011 be a year for positive change!

In 15 weeks Lisa has a "Girls Weekend" where she wants to wear her bikini
and it is 19 weeks until her 10K.


Entry: January 16, 2011

Making a plan is a very important ingredient in this weight loss journey. Birthday parties, preschool parties, weddings, work functions, etc. — these are all events that happen in our lives. We can't skip the function because "party food" isn't on our calorie plan. I don't want to be the skinny girl who doesn't eat anything at social gatherings. So, I had to come up with another alternative. Make a plan! My plan is to eat four items off the hors d'oeuvre table. Those four choices must be something that I thoroughly enjoy or it's not worth the calories to eat them. I've decided to scan the food table first and decide what four choices I want to indulge in. After that, I hit the food table with my plan in mind.

Dessert table — sometimes you are faced with a variety of desserts and it's tempting to have "a little bit of everything." I heard that a lot over the holidays with the assortment of pies, have a little bit of each. It's important to choose one dessert and make sure it's the one you really want. Don't deprive yourself of all desserts! Pick one and stick to your plan. My father-in-law just had his 70th birthday party and the choices were gourmet cake and chocolate — I chose the chocolate!


Entry: February 20, 2011

Linda pulled out pictures of me from two years ago when I first started working with her. We lined up the photos from two years ago when I was 140 lbs., and then the picture of me now at the same weight. It was amazing how different my body looks even though I'm at the same weight! I have kept up with a weekly exercise routine over the past two years and the pictures prove that slowly but surely the body does change for the better if you are consistent. My exercise is always changing, but here's what's in my bag of tricks: Running 1-2 times a week 2-3 miles, kickboxing, Zumba class, weight lifting, Pilates, fit classes, and just recently I added a 90-day DVD program that I can do at home.

Journaling and planning are my weapons of choice when the scale stops moving. I really dislike journaling, but it works! Seeing what I'm eating and how many calories I'm consuming is a wake up call sometimes. I've mentioned before that I'm a planner — I plan my dinners at the beginning of the week, and I plan my exercise routine too — making sure that I have a good mix of cardio and weight training. I write all of this in my day planner so I know exactly what I have to do for that day.

Getting to my "goal weight" is taking a little longer this time then it did before, but I am determined to get there. The pictures proved that it's working, so I am going to be patient with my body and continue to work at getting stronger and leaner everyday.

If I stop working toward my goal I am guaranteed to never reach it, but if I continue everyday to do something to work toward my goal I am guaranteed to succeed!


Entry: April 3, 2011

Movin' in the Spring — spring flings and spring sports require a lot of moving — why not participate with your kids! My boys had a spring fling (dance) at their pre-school, and instead of sitting and watching all the children dance the night away, I threw on my dancing shoes and cut a rug with them. I'm sure I didn't burn 500 calories, but every bit counts — and it was really fun to dance with my boys and all their friends!

They are also starting their sports now, so what can I do to add a little extra exercise into my day? Play with them! I walk the boys up to the local ball field and we practice batting and throwing, and then run the bases. Instead of watching them run, I run with them and make them chase me. Not only am I burning a few extra calories for the day, but they are learning what direction to run the bases in!  

Summer is right around the corner and with it comes a big change in our daily schedule. The boys are out of school and we will be going to the gym everyday so I can get my exercise in. Recently I scheduled a weight day into my routine and I noticed that I'm not as strong as I used to be. I've been attending so many cardio type classes that my muscles are weakening! So it's time to change up the routine again and get back to hitting the weights and not so many cardio classes.

My time is limited because of the children, it's imperative that I figure out a good schedule that mixes cardio with weights but also allows me to attend a few classes.


Entry: February 4, 2012

Over the last year I've been having a lot of fun in Zumba classes, dancing away the calories and stress. For all of you health seekers out there, TRY A ZUMBA CLASS! They are so much fun, you don't even realize it is a fitness class! The most common misconception is that only the coordinated dance lovers can do it. Not true! Zumba will strengthen your coordination.

Now as a certified Zumba instructor, my best advice is to try it! Attend at least three classes with the same instructor to really get a good idea of what that class is like. Every instructor's class is a little bit different, so try out a few instructors. It may take 3-6 months to build up the cardio stamina you need to get through an entire class, but don't quit! Just modify to the level you are with step touches instead of jumps. Try to attend 2-3 classes a week and you will see results! A lot of people are losing a lot of weight taking Zumba classes and modifying their diet.

As of right now, I teach Wednesday morning at the Jennersville Y, 9:15-10:15. I will keep the blog updated with future classes that I teach. Come, visit my class and say, "Hi, I read your blog on Linda's website."

I can't wait to Zumba with you!





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